Powertraveller PTL-PG002 Powergorilla 24,000mAh Charger

  • The powergorilla will give you an extra 2-5 hours of power, depending on your laptop's specification, and over 20 hours on various other electronic devices.
  • Power your notebook and recharge other digital devices at the same time
  • Connect your ipod/iphone white sync/charge cable that came with your iPod/iPhone to the USB port on the powergorilla.
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The powergorilla will charge your laptop up to two times, depending on your laptop's specification, and gives over 20 hours on various other electronic devices. It also has a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) feature when on the 19V setting so you can relax knowing that your essential devices will still be charged.

Works With

  • SLR Cameras
  • Hand-held Cameras/Action Cameras
  • iPads/Tablets
  • PDAs
  • iPhones/Smart Phones
  • Mobile Phone
  • iPods/MP3/MP4
  • PSP/Hand-held/Games Consoles
  • Sat-Navs/GPS
  • Netbooks
  • Laptops
  • Head Torches

Number of Charges

  • Laptop Up to 2 times
  • Tablet Up to 2 times
  • Smartphone Up to 10 times
  • GPS 8-10 times
  • GoPro 7-8 times
  • Milliamps Hour (mAh): 24000
  • Dimensions (L∗H∗W cm): 21.5 x 13 x 17
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
  • Voltage: 24V


  • Weight 700g
  • Dimensions 215 x 130 x 17mm
  • Battery type HD Lithium Polymer 24000mAh (88Wh)
  • Rechargeable
  • Battery capacity 6 x 4000mAh
  • Input Voltage: 15∼25V 1.5-4A
  • Output voltage DC: 12V, 16V, 19V, 24V (3-4A)
  • Output voltage USB: 5V 2.4A Max
  • Working temperature: -20 to 60C

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