Lead-Free Solder 21 Gauge 1/2 lb

SKU# 4900-227G
MFR# 4900-227G
  • Lead free & no clean
  • Alloy exceeds J-STD-006C and meets ASTM B 32 purity requirements
  • Flux meets J-STD-004B
  • The resin spreads like rosin-activated flux
  • Virtually non-splattering
  • About 14% longer by weight than leaded solder wires
  • Halide free
  • Fast flowing
  • Non-corrosive residue
  • Non-conductive residue
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Lead-Free Solder, by M.G. Chemicals, was designed with 96.5% tin, 0.5% copper and 3% silver and is a great lead-free alternative for the standard tin/lead solder. These alloys conform to the regular impurity requirements and may be used anywhere you would normally use solder.


Complies with RoHS
Exceeds the impurity requirements of J-Std-006
No Clean flux

Lead free

21 Gauge, 0.032" diameters
Hard non-conductive residues
1 lb of lead free solder has 27% more length than leaded solder
Melting Point: 217-221 º C (422.6 - 429.8 º F)
Hardness, Brinell: 15HB
Tensile Strength: 4312 psi
Density: 7.39 g/cc
Electrical Resistivity: 13.0 µohm-cm
Electrical Conductivity: 16.6% IACS
Yield Strength: 3724 psi
Physical Characteristics:
Size: 1/2 lb (227 g)
Diameter: 0.032"
Gauge: 21
Description: Spool
96.5% Tin, 0.5% Copper and 3% Silver

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