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Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) List
Item #NameManufacturerClass
PL1021 "Dust-A-Way" Canned Air : PL1021Airpak2.2
CCS-503 CAIG DeoxIT® Screen Cleaning Kit : CCS-503CaigNR
CCS-801 DeoxIT® Cell Phone Connector Cleaning Kit : CCS-801CaigNR
D5MS-15 DeoxIT® Mini-Spray Superior Cleaner, Enhancer & Lubricant : D5MS-15CaigORM-D
D5S-6 DeoxIT® D5 Cleaner, Enhancer & Lubricant Spray : D5S-6CaigORM-D
DN5MS-15 DeoxIT® DN5 Contact Cleaner Mini Spray - 14g : DN5MS-15CaigORM-D
F5MS-H15 DeoxIT® FaderLube Mini Spray : F5MS-H15CaigORM-D
G5MS-15 DeoxIT® GOLD G5 Mini Spray Contact Cleaner, Enhancer & Protector : G5MS-15CaigORM-D
G5S-6 DeoxIT® GOLD G5 Contact Cleaner & Protector - 142g : G5S-6CaigORM-D
M20S-9 MechanicALL™ Highly Penetrating, Anti-Corrosive Lubricant : M20S-9CaigORM-D
CT40-5 Chemtronics CircuitWorks® Heat Sink Grease (5 oz.) : CT40-5ChemtronicsNR
CW2200MTP Chemtronics CircuitWorks® Conductive Pen w/ Micro Tip (0.3 oz) : CW2200MTPChemtronicsORM-D
CW8100 Chemtronics CircuitWorks® No Clean Flux Dispensing Pen (0.32 oz) : CW8100ChemtronicsORM-D
ES1015 Chemtronics Ultrajet® 70 Duster (10oz.) : ES1015ChemtronicsORM-D
ES1020 Chemtronics Ultrajet® Duster (10oz.) : ES1020ChemtronicsORM-D
ES1020R Chemtronics Ultrajet® Duster Refill (10oz.) : ES1020RChemtronicsORM-D
ES1035 Chemtronics Flux-Off® Rosin Flux Remover (10 oz.) : ES1035ChemtronicsORM-D
ES1210 Chemtronics Electro-Wash® PX Cleaner / Degreaser (12.5 oz) : ES1210ChemtronicsORM-D
ES1550 Chemtronics Freez-It® Spray (15oz.) : ES1550ChemtronicsORM-D
ES1620 Chemtronics Ultrajet® All-Way Duster (8 oz.) : ES1620ChemtronicsORM-D
ES2400 Chemtronics Tun-O-Wash® Cleaner (12.5 oz.) : ES2400ChemtronicsORM-D
ES820L Chemtronics Head Cleaner™ II (8 oz.). : ES820LChemtronicsORM-D
E-6000BLK E-6000® Self-Leveling Formula (Black, 3.7oz.) : E-6000BLKEclectic Products6.1
E-6000CLR E-6000® Self-Leveling Formula (Clear, 3.7oz.) : E-6000CLREclectic Products6.1
UV-6800CLR UV-6800® UV-Resistant Self-Leveling Formula (Clear, 3.7oz.) : UV-6800CLREclectic Products6.1
10-1206 GC Chemical Luberex, 2oz. Tube : 10-1206GC ElectronicsNR
10-1507 GC Isopropyl Alcohol (Anhydrous) 16 oz. : 10-1507GC ElectronicsORM-D
10-1762 GC Insulating Coating (2oz.) : 10-1762GC Electronics3
10-200 GC Non-Corrosive Solder Flux (1 oz.) : 10-200GC ElectronicsNR
10-302 GC Service Cement Bottle with Brush (2 oz) : 10-302GC Electronics3
10-4202 GC Liquid Solder Flux (2 oz..) : 10-4202GC Electronics3
10-8101 GC Silicone Dielectric Compound (1 oz.) : 10-8101GC ElectronicsNR
10-8109 GC Silicone (Z9) 1 fl. oz. Tube : 10-8109GC ElectronicsNR
10-8118 GC Type 44 Non-Silicone (1/2 oz.) : 10-8118GC ElectronicsNR
10-8120 GC Type 44 Non-Silicone (1 oz.) : 10-8120GC ElectronicsNR
10-9082 GC Glass and Plastic Cleaner (14 oz.) : 10-9082GC ElectronicsORM-D
10-9410 GC Telescoping-Oiler (4 fl. oz.) : 10-9410GC ElectronicsNR
19-155 GC Electronic Grade Silicone Sealant / Adhesive (3oz.) : 19-155GC ElectronicsNR
19-1906 GC Electronics DE-OX-ID Contact Cleaner (4 oz.) : 19-1906GC ElectronicsORM-D
22-209 GC Print Kote Solvent (2 oz.) : 22-209GC Electronics3
22-226 GC Positive Type Developer Concentrate (6 oz.). : 22-226GC Electronics8
22-238 GC Electronics PC Board Etching Solution (32 oz.) : 22-238GC Electronics8
LT-30379 QuickTite Super Glue Gel (.14 oz.) : LT-30379Henkel3
LT-30622 QuickTite Super Glue Liquid (.14oz.) : LT-30622HenkelNR
403A-285G MG Chemicals Super Cold 134 - 285g (10 oz) : 403A-285GMG ChemicalsORM-D
4050A-450G MG Chemicals Safety II Wash Cleaner / Degreaser (16 oz.): 4050A-450GMG ChemicalsORM-D
408A-100ML MG Chemicals Rubber Renue Liquid (4.2 oz.) : 408A-100MLMG ChemicalsORM-D
408B-250ML MG Chemicals Rubber Renue 4.2 oz. Liquid : 408B-250MLMG ChemicalsORM-D
4120-450G MG Chemicals Super Cleaner Degreaser (16 oz.) : 4120-450GMG ChemicalsORM-D
419B Acrylic Lacquer Conformal Coating (55ml.) : 419BMG ChemicalsORM-D
422 MG Chemicals Silicone Conformal Coating : 422MG ChemicalsORM-D
801B-125G MG Chemicals Super Contact Cleaner (4.5 oz.) : 801B-125GMG ChemicalsORM-D
801B-P MG Chemicals Super Contact Cleaner Pen : 801B-PMG ChemicalsORM-D
8241S-5 MG Chemicals Self Saturating Alcohol Swabs (5 Pack) : 8241S-5MG ChemicalsORM-D
8241-T MG Chemicals Multi Purpose Alcohol Wipes : 8241-TMG ChemicalsORM-D
824-500ML MG Chemicals Isopropyl Alcohol (16oz.) : 824-500MLMG ChemicalsORM-D
825-500G MG Chemicals All Purpose Glass, Plastic and Chrome Cleaner : 825-500GMG ChemicalsORM-D
8331-14G MG Chemicals Silver Conductive Epoxy, 14g (0.35 oz) : 8331-14GMG ChemicalsNR
8333-3G MG Chemicals Super Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Liquid - 0.1 oz : 8333-3GMG ChemicalsNR
8334-3ML M.G. Chemicals Super Glue Gel (3ml.) : 8334-3MLMG ChemicalsNR
8339 Rubber Keypad Repair Kit: 8339MG ChemicalsORM-D
836-140G MG Chemicals Label & Adhesive Remover : 836-140GMG ChemicalsORM-D
8461-140G M.G. Chemicals White Lithium Grease (5 oz. Aerosol) : 8461-140GMG ChemicalsORM-D
846-80G MG Chemicals Carbon Conductive Grease : 846-80GMG ChemicalsNR
860-60G MG Chemicals Silicone Heat Transfer Compound (2 oz.) : 860-60GMG ChemicalsNR
8610-60G MG Chemicals Non-Silicone Heat Transfer Compound (2 oz.) : 8610-60GMG ChemicalsNR
8701-10ML MG Chemicals Low Strength Removable Threadlocker : 8701-10MLMG ChemicalsNR
8702-10ML MG Chemicals Medium Strength Removable Threadlocker : 8702-10MLMG ChemicalsNR
8703-10ML MG Chemicals High Strength Permanent Threadlocker : 8703-10MLMG ChemicalsNR
8704-10ML MG Chemicals High Strength Wicking Threadlocker : 8704-10MLMG ChemicalsNR
RTV-102 MG Chemicals RTV Silicone (White, 2.8 oz.) : RTV-102MG ChemicalsNR
RTV-103 MG Chemicals RTV Silicone (Black, 2.8 oz.) : RTV-103MG ChemicalsNR
RTV-108 MG Chemicals RTV Silicone (Clear, 2.8 oz.) : RTV-108MG ChemicalsNR
1605-KIT Techspray LCD Screen Cleaning Kit : 1605-KITTechsprayNR
1610-50PK50 Techspray General Purpose Cleaning Wipes (50 Pack) : 1610-50PK50TechsprayORM-D
1610-P Techspray Isopropyl Alcohol / General Purpose Cleaner (1 Pint) : 1610-PTechspray3
1621-10S Techspray EcoLine™ General Purpose Flux Remover (10 oz.) : 1621-10STechsprayORM-D
1622-10S Techspray EcoLine™ Contact Cleaner (10 oz.) : 1622-10STechsprayORM-D
1630-16S Techspray Blue Shower® G3® Cleaner / Degreaser (16 oz.) : 1630-16STechsprayORM-D
1634-12GS No Clean Flux Remover G3 : 1634-12GSTechsprayORM-D
1671-15S Techspray Envi-Ro-Tech™ Duster (15oz.) : 1671-15STechsprayORM-D
1672-10S Techspray Envi-Ro-Tech™ Minus 62°F Freezer (10 oz.) : 1672-10STechspray2.2
1743-PT Techspray Anti-Static Screen / Keyboard Cleaner (1 Pint) : 1743-PTTechspray3
1743-QT Techspray Anti-Static Screen & Keyboard Cleaner (1 Quart) : 1743-QTTechspray3
2103-12S Techspray Fine-L-Kote™ AR Acrylic Conformal Coating : 2103-12STechsprayORM-D
ML100 Weller Magna-Lite Butane Micro Torch : ML100Weller2.1
ML200 Weller Magna-Lite Butane Table Top Torch : ML200Weller2.1
P2C Portasol® Self-Igniting Cordless Butane Soldering Iron : P2CWeller2.1
P2KC Portasol® Professional Self-igniting Cordless Soldering Kit : P2KCWeller2.1
WB1 Premium Butane Fuel for Portasol® and Pyropen® Cordless Irons (2.1 oz.) : WB1Weller2.1
WSTA6 Weller Pyropen® Jr Self-igniting Cordless Butane Soldering Iron : WSTA6Weller2.1

SLA Batteries

SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries are classed as "Non-Spillable" for shipping.