Energizer Industrial 9V Alkaline Battery

  • Offer The Longest Lasting Power Source Of All Primary Batteries Over A Range Of Sizes
  • No Mercury Added
  • Operate Well In Temperature Extremes (-30C To 55C)
  • Excellent Shelf Life - Alkaline Cells Are Ready For Use Even After 7 Years Of Storage
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Energizer Industrial Alkaline 9V batteries contain the long-lasting power found in Energizer Max Alkaline batteries with a design enhanced for today's heavy current or continuous use applications.

Offer the longest lasting power source of all primary batteries over a range of sizes
No mercury added
Operate well in temperature extremes (-30C to 55C)
Excellent shelf life - alkaline cells are ready for use even after 7 years of storage
Classification: Alkaline
Chemical System: Zinc-Manganese Dioxide (Zn/MnO 2)
Designation: ANSI-1604A, IEC-6LR61
Nominal Voltage: 9.0 volts
Operating Temp: -18°C to 55°C (0°F to 130°F)
Typical Weight: 45.6 grams (1.6 oz.)
Typical Volume: 21.1 cubic centimeters (1.3 cubic inch)
Jacket: Metal
Shelf Life: 5 years at 21°C (80% of initial capacity)
Terminal: Miniature Snap

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