Digital Innovations 4190200 CleanDr for DVD Laser Lens Cleaner

SKU# 4190200
MFR# 4190200
  • Can help prevent or fix slow loading or unreadable discs and freezing or skipping issues during playback
  • Cleaning the laser lens can extend the life of a DVD player, while improving image and sound quality
  • Exclusive 10-brush Cyclone Clean Process removes dust, dirt and debris causing playback issues
  • Included Home Theater Sound Calibration Tools help maintain ideal audio playback settings, with on-screen and voice instructions available in English, French and Spanish
  • Also safe for XBOX and PS2 systems, as well as computer disc drives
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CleanDr is the #1 laser lens cleaner in the US. It lets you safely clean your DVD player. Simply insert the disc into your DVD player and follow the direction to quickly and easily clean your DVD laser lens.

  • Package Contents: CleanDr for DVD Laser Lens Cleaner Image and Sound Calibration Tools Storage Case
  • Dimensions: 0.5 x 5.375 x 7.5 in
  • Weight: 3.3 oz


How does CleanDr work?
    • CleanDr has soft brushes that gently wipe the lens used to guide the laser beam that reads discs. Any dirt, dust or residue on this lens can affect the playback as the laser will no longer be able to go through and read correctly the data on the disc. Think of this lens as a window or windshield. If it is clean, you can easily see through it, if not, it needs to be cleaned, which is what ScreenDr is designed to do.
Can CleanDr for DVD damage my player?
    • No, CleanDr uses soft brushes to gently wipe the lens of your player to safely remove dust, dirt and debris that cause playback issues and is safe to use with any standard CD and DVD player.
How do I know if it will fix my problem?
    • This is almost impossible to know until you try. There are many issues that can lead to playback issues with CD and DVD players: dirty lenses and scratched discs are the 2 most recurrent problems users face. If you have issues with most discs, and they visually show no signs of scratches, the problem is most likely on the laser lens side and CleanDr should help.
What Playback issues can CleanDr fix?
    • When the lens of player is dirty it can lead to the following problems: unreadable discs (data disc can not be read, or the disc is not “seen” by the laser, slow loading, skipping, freezing, sound and picture distortions like pixelations. Cleaning the lens will show a dramatic change in playback performances, discs will load faster and you will not longer experience skipping or freezing while watching a movie or playing a game.

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