CSB 12V 12Ah SLA Battery w/ F2 Terminals

SKU# GP12120F2
MFR# GP12120F2
  • General Purpose Battery
  • Up To 5 Years In Standby Service Or
  • More Than 260 Cycles At 100% Discharge In Cycle Service.
  • Rechargeable, Highly Efficient, Leak Proof And Maintenance Free
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GP 12120 is a general purpose battery up to 5 years in standby service or more than 260 cycles at 100% discharge in cycle service. As with all CSB batteries, all are rechargeable, highly efficient, leak proof and maintenance free.

Cells Per Unit 6
Voltage Per Unit 12
Capacity 12 Ah @ 20hr-rate to 1.75V per cell @25°C (77°F)
Weight Approx. 3.67 kg(8.09 lbs)
Maximum Discharge Current 150A/180A(5sec)
Internal Resistance Approx. 16 m?
Operating Temperature Rang
Discharge: -15°C~50°C ( 5°F~122°F)
Charge -15°C~40°C ( 5°F~104°F)
Storage-15°C~40°C ( 5°F~104°F)
Nominal Operating Temperature Range
25°Cñ3C (77°Fñ5°F)
Float Charging Voltage 13.5 to 13.8 VDC/unit Average at 25°C (77°F)
Recommended Maximum Charging 3.6A
Equalization and Cycle Service 14.4 to 15.0 VDC/unit Average at 25°C (77°F)
CSB is also certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
Note: Pursuant to Texas law, a recycling fee of $3.00 will be added to the total of your order forÿeachÿ12 volt (or higher) Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery greater than 10 Ah which is sold within Texas.

This fee will appear as a separate charge on your final invoice.

This applies only to shipments and purchases within Texas.ÿ

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