COUGAR 31GE065002P01 650W GEX650 80Plus Gold Fully Modular ATX Power Supply

SKU# 31GE065002P01
MFR# 31GE065002P01
  • 650W
  • 80 PLUS Gold Certified
  • Fully Modular Power Supply Unit
  • Superior fan Curve Tuning
  • Flawless Operation at 40°C
  • Ultra-stable Voltage Outputs
  • Strong Safeguards : OCP, OPP, OVP, UVP, SCP & OTP
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COUGAR GEX is a high-quality 80Plus Gold certified PSU with flawless power delivery at 40°C environments. Efficient, silent and durable, GEX is the best answer for those looking for the best value in PSUs.

GEX features a highly efficient design that surpasses the 80Plus Gold standard, to help you save money on your electricity bill.

Extreme Cooling System
Using COUGAR’s exclusive 120 mm silent fan, the advanced frame increase the concentration of air-flow and its fan curvature has been fine-tuned to reduce vibration at any loads.

Firstly, GEX has been designed and thoroughly tested to perform optimally in 40ºC working temperature environments. Second, it includes 105°C Japanese capacitors for main and standby power to ensure keep providing computer with stable electrical supply.

GEX’s LLC, DC-DC and Tri-Sense(3.3V, 5V, and 12V) design has been created to provide high-quality outputs, with an extremely tight 3% voltage regulation to deliver a stabler operation.

  • Flat and long modular cables for better airflow and a tidier case
  • 100% external cable management: get less cable clutter and a cleaner build!

80 PLUS Gold Certified
Up to 91% efficiency power conversion to cut down your electricity bill

Fully Modular Power Supply Unit
Connect only the cables you need for less clutter and better airflow

Hydro Dynamic Bearing Fan: Extended durability and lower noise levels

Superior fan Curve Tuning
Advanced technology for noise minimization

Flawless Operation at 40°C
Powerful performance at 40°C ambient temperature

Ultra-stable Voltage Outputs
DC to DC technology for enhanced voltage stability

Strong Safeguards : OCP, OPP, OVP, UVP, SCP & OTP
Maximum safety for your key system components


UVP (Under Voltage Protection)
If the voltages fall below a certain tolerance value on the single lines, the PSU automatically switches off.

OCP (Overcurrent Protection)
If the current on a single line is higher than indicated, the PSU automatically switches off.

SCP (Short-Circuit Protection)
In the case of a short-circuit, this feature prevents damage to the core components of the PSU and its System components.

OVP (Over Voltage Protection)
If the voltages increase above a certain tolerance value on the single lines, the PSU automatically switches off.

OTP (Over Temperature Protection)
If the temperature gets too high, the PSU automatically switches off.

OPP (Over Power Protection)
If the system is oversized and requires more power from the PSU than it can provide, this protection function is activated.

  • AC Input: AC100-240V / 50-60Hz 10-5A
DC Output 
    • +3.3V: 18A / 100W
    • +5V: 20A
    • +12V: 54.1A / 649.2W
    • -12V: 0.3A
    • +5Vsb: 3A
    • Total: 650W
  • Main 24(20+4) Pins: 1
  • CPU 8(4+4) Pins: 2
  • Peripherals 4 Pins: 6
  • S-ATA 5 Pins: 8
  • PCI-E 8(6+2) Pins: 4

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