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Storage Solutions by Western Digital

Mechanical hard drives still offer the best price per gigabyte of storage when compared to SSDs in most cases, but which hard drive is best for your specific application? Today we’d like to lend a hand and provide a quick guide through the various hard drive offerings from Western Digital.

Western Digital’s Blue drives offer performance and reliability for average desktop tasks. Industry-proven, these mainstream drives offer capacities of up to 6TB, 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch form factors, and SATA or even PATA variations (in smaller capacities) to keep legacy systems going. These hard drives are recommended for both primary and secondary storage in a desktop or external enclosure with tested support for RAID 0 or RAID 1 configurations. Click here to check out the WD Blue drives we stock.

Western Digital’s Green drives offer larger storage capacities and run cool and quiet. Heat is a large factor when it comes to the efficiency and reliability of a hard drive, so with that in mind, Western Digital have designed their WD Green drives to run cooler and more efficiently through an onboard controller that can spin the platters at a slower speed in order to conserve energy when there’s low activity or the drive is idle. WD Green drives are often utilized as secondary storage drives for backing up important files (though it’s important to note that it is strongly recommended to not use WD Green drives in any kind of RAID environment). Click here to check out the WD Green drives we stock.

Western Digital’s Red drives are storage solutions that are optimized for network attached storage and RAID configurations. They’re made with high quality components in order to increase the lifespan of the drive and include extra features such as 3D active balancing to reduce vibration which could interfere with the drive’s operation (especially when in an array). WD Red drives have been tested for compatibility in network attached storage and desktop storage RAID arrays of up to 8 drives, making WD Red an ideal solution for home offices and small businesses. Click here to check out the WD Red drives we stock.

Western Digital’s Black drives offer high performance and reliability for more intensive desktop and workstation applications. Manufactured with high quality components and packed with features such as dynamic cache and Corruption Protection Technology, customers that choose WD Black drives can expect the highest performance and reliability for their workstations and high end desktops. Click here to check out the WD Black drives we stock.

Western Digital’s Purple drives are designed specifically for NVR digital surveillance systems. WD Purple drives are intended to handle 24/7 workloads and the relatively harsh conditions that storage drives are subjected to in surveillance systems. These drives feature a firmware that is fine-tuned for constant streams of data (such as surveillance feeds) so that video frame loss is reduced and image quality is preserved. WD Purple drives are recommended for surveillance systems with up to 32 high-definition cameras. Click here to check out the WD Purple drives we stock.

Western Digital’s Re drives are designed to provide datacenter-level performance and reliability. Featuring a highly durable design, dual processor, dual actuator, and a host of other stability features, these drives are in it for the long haul. WD Re drives are the perfect solution for those that want the absolute best storage solutions for their arrays. Click here to check out the WD Re drives we stock.

Western Digital makes it incredibly simple to find a storage solution that’s right for any system. For any questions or concerns regarding Western Digital products or storage solutions in general, feel free to contact us or stop by one of our 9 retail locations across Texas.