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Item #: EDU10
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The EDU10 USB PIC Programmmer & Tutor Board from Velleman Inc. is a great for young children to be introduced into the world of Microchip PIC programming. AS skills grow and develop the board can be used for even more advanced prrogamming as well. Use the free tools from Microchip®; the PICKit2™ programmer tool and the MPLAP® IDE environment.

  PICKit2 compatible programmer
  Includes: PIC16F882
  Tutor sample programs in "C" and "Assembler" can be downloaded:
  • Button input reading
  • LED on/off
  • LED blinking
  • Buzzer and display driving
  • LED brightness
  • Analog value reading
  Read up to 4 push buttons for digital in simulation
  Light up to 4 LEDs for digital out simulation
  Read the value of a potentiometer (analog value)
  Read the value of a temperature dependent resistor (NTC)
  Read the value of a light dependent resistor (LDR)
  Dim a white LED using PWM signal
  Learn how to drive a LED digit
  Learn how to drive a buzzer
  Experiment module can be powered via USB
  Power output to target is supported
  Indicator LEDs for power supply and programming mode
  • Programming & Learning Module: 90 x 74 mm / 3.54 x 2.91"
  • Programmer only: 34 x 74 mm / 1.34 x 2.91"
  The boards can easily be separated, for independent programmer use.
  An external supply connector for the tutor board is provided.
  All PIC micro controllers that are programmable using the Microchip PICKIT2 programmer, can also be programmed using the EDU10. You can find the list in the MPLAB software package.