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  • Philmore Tiny Rocker Switch, SPST, On-Off

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Item #: 30-882
UPC: 038975308821
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Ideal for small appliances or controls with limited space. Themini rocker switch is capable of handling high currents as thetraditional larger switches. This product range is electricallyapproved in thirteen countries.

12A 125-250V AC UL E45221
1/2HP 125V AC UL E45221
12A 125-250V AC CSA LR10990
10 (6)A 250V AC T100 VDE88662
10A 24V DC
Humidity resistance at 91-95% relative humidity 48 hours
Tracking resistance: KB250
Type: SPST
Action: On - Off
Actuator: Black Nylon w/ White Imprint (A)
Switch body/rocker: Nylon 66
Current carrying parts Contact points: Silver Alloy
End terminal: Copper Alloy with Silver Alloy contact
Pivot terminal: Copper Alloy, Silver plated
Moving contact: Copper Alloy with Silver Alloy contact