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Raspberry Pi 2 Mobel B

Many of you may remember our spotlight of the Raspberry Pi Model B+ from a few months ago. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has since revised their pocket-sized system and released the Raspberry Pi 2 B boasting a plethora of upgrades.

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Features
• A Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU clocked at 900MHz
• A VideoCore IV 3D Graphics Core
• 1GB of RAM
• 4 USB 2.0 Ports
• 40 GPIO Pins
• Full-Size HDMI® Port
• Ethernet (10/100) Port
• A 3.5mm Jack for AV
• CSI Camera Interface
• DSI Display Interface
• Micro SD Card Slot

As a direct upgrade to the Raspberry Pi B+, the Pi 2 B is intended for use in schools and other applications where extra performance and features are needed for more general usage (compared to the Model A units which are leaner and geared towards embedded projects).

Since it comes as a barebones board, getting the Raspberry Pi 2 B to function requires the same extra bits as the Pi B+, you’ll need to source your own micro SD card of at least 4GB (8GB recommended for full-fledge Linux desktop), a micro USB cable, an optional case to protect the Pi (cases designed for the Pi B+ model will also work with the Pi 2 B), an HDMI cable, a USB mouse/keyboard, and a USB wall adapter that can provide up to 2 amps. Setting up the Raspberry Pi 2 B with a simple Linux follows the same process as the previous Raspberry Pi. Easy to follow instructions to setup a micro SD card with the operating system of your choice can be found at the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s website.

The possibilities for this small computer are growing by the day with plenty of operating systems, applications, and tutorials out there to help you make a cheap, low-power office desktop for web-browsing and word-processing, a retro arcade machine, a weather station, a security camera, and more thanks to the expanding list of ongoing developer projects. One of the more interesting names to announce support for the Raspberry Pi is Microsoft with their Windows 10 for "internet of things" devices. Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi 2 targets small embedded projects by providing a core operating system that allows developers to use familiar tools such as Visual Studio to quickly develop projects for the Raspberry Pi 2 to execute.

Replacing the Raspberry Pi B+, Altex now carries the Raspberry Pi 2 B models in all 9 of our retail locations as well as our online store. For questions regarding pricing and availability, please refer to the Raspberry Pi 2 B product page for more information. For all other questions regarding small-form factor computing and materials for DIY projects, please feel free to contact us!