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Capture the Action with the Foscam AC1080

What do you do when you want to capture the moment you jump out of a plane when skydiving? Do you whip out your smart phone, hit record, and hold onto it the entire way down? While it’d be impressive if someone could manage to hold onto their phone during a 13,000 ft. skydive, we’d like to present a better option. Action cameras are small, compact, and rugged in order to survive the more extreme environments that they are often brought into and have surged in popularity over the past decade.

The Foscam AC1080 is designed to be the perfect solution for those who need the high video quality and extraordinary durability of an action camera at a much more affordable price than other offerings in the market.

The AC1080 packs a ton of value into an amazingly tiny design, featuring a camera sensor that supports 1080p full HD recording (with digital image stabilization), an integrated 1.5 inch LCD display, an integrated mic and speaker, a massive 170 degree field of view, and 2.5 hours of recording time. For input, the AC1080 features two buttons on the top for recording video or snapping a photo, a directional pad with center OK button for menu navigation, a menu button, and the power button on the screen-side of the camera. On the edge of the camera are its outputs, a composite AV out, USB-port, and mini HDMI for outputting video to modern televisions. For storage, the AC1080 accepts up to a 32GB SDHC micro SD card for a whopping 5.5 hours of video.

The AC1080 packs a few extras to let users hit the ground running, including a waterproof case that’s rated up to 196 ft., a wearable remote controller, a ¼ tripod mount for compatibility with other camera gear, a USB cable, and adhesive mounts to attach the camera to a variety of surfaces.

The Foscam AC1080 is a tiny, durable camera that’s ready for action, packing a ton of great features making it great for a variety of outdoor sports and activities. If you have any questions about the Foscam AC1080 or about photo/video storage solutions, feel free to contact us, or stop by any of our 9 retail locations across Texas.