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Making Your Home Smarter

Telephones, T.V.’s, washing machines, and many other gadgets and appliances are getting smarter every year, but what about your home? The concept of the smart home has been taking off in recent years, with numerous products that tie different appliances and devices together to your network for added convenience, enhanced features, and added security. Today we’d like to show off a few products that’ll make your home smarter.

The first product we’d like to feature, the RING video doorbell (part# RING), replaces the traditional home doorbell with a Wi-Fi enabled device that provides the ability to be notified of doorbell presses and motion events within a user-defined proximity of your front door as well as monitor a video feed any time of the day to see who’s stopping by your home all from the comfort of your iOS or Android device. However, making your home smart doesn’t stop at your front door.

Stepping inside the home, we’d like to take a look at a pair of devices from Ubiquiti. First, the Ubiquiti mFi In-Wall Switch/Dimmer (part# MFI-LD), is a product that replaces the traditional light switch. It makes use of a capacitive touch panel that allows for basic on/off functionality in switch mode or brightness selection when in dimmer mode for lights that support that functionality. Its built-in Wi-Fi support allows it to connect to any wireless network for remote management, scheduling, and monitoring.

The next Ubiquiti product we’d like to take a look at, the mFi In-Wall Outlet (part# MFI-MPW) replaces a traditional wall outlet with a network-enabled device that can monitor energy usage and control power delivery. Both the mFi In-Wall Switch/Dimmer and mFi In-Wall Outlet are managed over the network through Ubiquiti’s mFi Controller software which features a host of control options for a vast ecosystem of other mFi products.

Finally, we’d like to take a look at the Linksys Wireless-N Internet Home Monitoring camera (part# WVC80N). With an incredibly easy setup and simple operation, this Wi-Fi enabled camera allows for remote monitoring of your home anywhere there’s an internet connection through your computer or smartphone’s web browser.

Smart home products have certainly come a long way in the past few years with products that can range in sophistication from a remotely accessible video doorbell or smart light switch to completely automated home systems that efficiently manage energy consumption throughout the home with the help of a network of sensors. For any questions about any of the listed products or smart home technologies in general, feel free to contact us or stop by any of our 9 retail locations across Texas.