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Item #: 88CH000FC000
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The 88CH000FC000 is the Ring Chime. The Chime works in conjunction with the Ring Video Doorbell to let you know when you have a visitor, even when your phone isn't right next to you. It's Plug-and-Play capable, customizable and can be turned off when it's not needed or desired.

  Plug Chime in to any standard power outlet, connect it to your wi-fi network, and you're ready to go
  Disable Chime for times when you want peace and quiet
  Set a custom volume in the Ring app so Chime is never too loud or too quiet
  Compact - only 2.75" x 1.88" x 1.38"
  iOS, Android or Windows 10 Device
  Wi-Fi Internet Connection
  110V - 220V Power
  Package Contents:
  Ring Chime
  Wall Plug Adapter