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Projectors by ViewSonic

Nearly every boardroom or classroom features a projector display that gives the presenter an additional avenue for transmitting information to attendees at meetings/lectures. Today we’d like to showcase some of the projectors we carry.

The ViewSonic LightStream PJD5153 (Altex# PJD5153) is a solid entry-level projector featuring a 800x600 native resolution and a variety of analog inputs (VGA, Composite Video, S-Video, Audio-In) to connect your devices. The PJD5153 is a great, affordable solution for basic office/classroom display needs.

The ViewSonic PJD7820HD (Altex# PJD7820HD) is a full HD 1080p DLP projector that can support the latest digital video devices with its HDMI port and native support for 3D media (when used with active shutter glasses). The PJD7820HD is an excellent solution for delivering lectures/presentations with rich media content.

The ViewSonic PJD6345 (Altex# PJD6345) is a networkable XGA projector that features Advanced Connect Technology so that presentations can be projected over a network, or directly from a USB device. Advanced Connect Technology also allows for easy remote administration and integration of the PJD6345 into nearly any office or school campus.

However, finding the right projector is only part of the equation. Projector mounts and projection screens also need to be considered for an optimal projector setup.

The 60" Draper Traveller (Altex# 230103) is a portable projection screen that’s easy to carry, durable, and highly portable with a built-in carrying handle, included shoulder strap, and telescoping design (80" version also available – Altex# 230003).

The Draper Star (Altex# 209004) is a pull-down projection screen that measures at 84" x 84", providing a large surface for displaying media. The Star comes with universal brackets for installation on a wall or ceiling, making it the perfect solution for permanent projector setups.

The OmniMount 3N1-PJT (Altex# PRO-PJT) is a universal projector ceiling mount that has adjustable legs to accommodate most projectors weighing up to 40 pounds.

The PM-3B (Altex# PM-3B) is a yokeless projector mount from Video Mount products that is designed to support most projectors and features a high-load capacity, rugged, design, tilt, full rotation, and telescoping capability.

Finding the right projector setup for your needs can be a daunting task, but it has certainly gotten much easier thanks to the increased quality of projector equipment. If you’re interested in projector setups for your home, business, or school, feel free to contact us or stop by any of our 9 retail locations across Texas where one of our sales associates would be glad to help you.