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Project ANVIL, an EK-Vulture Mod

Back in February, we were given the awesome opportunity to participate in a special build competition hosted by our partner, EK Water Blocks. The project involved making a one of a kind custom build in one of EKWB’s limited edition, EK-Vulture mini-ITX cases.

Up against 7 world-renowned system builders, we went straight to work and put together an awesome list of hardware partners such as Intel, AVEXIR, ASUS, and HexagonPC for high-performance components (parts list in table below) and started working on a design for the case mod.

ANVIL Core Components
Case EK-Vulture (#8 of 50)
CPU Intel Core i7-4790K
Motherboard ASUS Maximus VII Impact
RAM AVEXIR Core Series DDR3-1600MHz
Storage Intel 730 Series 240GB (2x in RAID 0)
PSU Cooler Master V1000 (1000 Watt)
PSU Cables HexagonPC Custom Sleeved PSU Cables

ANVIL Custom Loop by EK Water Blocks
CPU / Motherboard Block EK-FB ASUS M6I - Nickel Monoblock
GPU Block EK-FC980 GTX Strix - Nickel w/ Backplate
Pump EK-XTOP DDC 3.2 PWM - Plexi (original CSQ incl. pump)
Reservoir EK-RES X3 250
Radiator EK-CoolStream PE 360
Fans EK-Vardar F1-120 1150RPM 120mm Fans
Tubing EK-HD Tube 12/16mm Rigid Tubing
Fittings EK-HDC 16mm G1/4 - Black Nickel Fittings

For the overall look of the case mod, we decided to go with a silver and orange color scheme, with the designs that were cut into the case and applied to the reservoir inspired by The Destroyer, a fictional weapon of war in the Marvel comic book universe. As you can see, the transformation is quite dramatic, with flat black panels giving way to bare metal and angular cuts backed by orange acrylic, liquid coolant, LED lighting, and painted components (such as the AVEXIR Core Series RAM, EK-Vardar fans, etc.) to match! The result is an aggressive design that strongly reflects the system’s performance bite.

To say the least, we’re greatly impressed with how this custom build turned out and plan to have this system on display at QuakeCon 2105 (booth #201) later this month! Unfortunately, the ANVIL is a one-off system purely to showcase some awesome components and won’t be going into production as a full-fledged pre-built system. However, if you’d like us to build a custom water-cooled system or if you have any questions regarding high performance or PC water cooling components, feel free to contact us or stop by any of our 9 retail stores across Texas.