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Item #: TG210K1
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The TG210K1 Professional Tone & Probe Kit, Alligator Clips w/ Belt Pouch from Platinum Tools gives technicians a high powered tone generator with alligator clips and a high quality tone tracing probe. The ToneMaster high-powered tone generator enables signal detection over 20 miles away and makes tracing through walls and enclosures easier with multiple tones and power levels suited for network, signal wire, coax, and telephone cable applications. Four tone amplitude levels include normal and half, high-powered normal and half, with the half amplitude unbalanced for stronger signal effect on twisted pairs. In addition, depending on test requirements, three distinctly different tones can be selected from the front panel. Paired with the ToneSeeker tracer the ToneMaster makes easy work of tracing and locating cables and cable ends.

  ToneMaster™ High Power Tone Generator
  700% more power than standard tone generators
  Unbalanced tone mode supports longer distances on UTP cables
  Constant amplitude output ensures no signal decrease as battery discharges
  Auto-off for battery conservation
  Full talk battery to power a dry line
  Tone may be added in any mode – phone sets without a monitor feature can pick up tone
  Models available with molded-in alligator clips or molded-in angled bed-of-nails (ABN) clips
  ToneSeeker™ Tone Tracer Probe
  Comfortable ergonomic shape, balanced weight
  Volume control
  Recessed “on” switch
  Tip replacement without opening case
  Battery-low indicator
  Slender profile to fit in any tool pouch
  Lanyard attachment point
ToneMaster™ High Power Tone Generator  
Tone Frequencies: Dual 1,165 Hz and 874 Hz Two single tones 1,165 Hz and 874 Hz
Tone Power Typical (into 600Ω, new battery to 5.0 V) LO 3.6 dBm HI 9.3 dBm High Power Mode LO 12.3 dBm HI 18.4 dBm
Voltage Protection: Status – DC 60 V, continuous AC 300 V peak, 2 secs Continuity (into 600Ω) – DC 52 V Tone Mode: 250 DC or peak AC volts
Electrical Battery Life Time is for the full capacity of the battery used continuously (one 9 V Alkaline, 540 mA-hr, not included): 120 hrs, typical
ToneSeeker™ Tone Tracer Probe  
Tone Sensitivity

Input Impedance: 10MΩ (to internal ground, inaccessible outside the case)

Probe Tip Resistance (min): 10KΩ/square (bulk resistance)

Frequency Range: 340 Hz – 1.6K Hz

Electrical Battery Life Time is for the full capacity of the battery used continuously (one 9 V alkaline, 540 mA-hr, not included): 15 hrs, typical
  Package Contents:
  ToneMaster™ High Powered Tone Generator
  ToneSeeker™ Tone Tracer Probe
  No Fault, RJ12 Cable
  Tone and Probe Belt Pouch