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NVIDIA Releases GeForce GTX 980 Ti at Computex

NVIDIA had a massive presence at this past Computex in Taipei, Taiwan, occupying a massive space at the Grand Hyatt hotel for their "Play the Future" experience which allowed attendees to test drive systems with their latest video card. The GeForce GTX 980 Ti, based on the same GM200 core found in the current flagship Titan X, features the following specifications:

GTX 980 Ti vs. Titan X
Specification GTX 980 Ti Titan X
CUDA Cores 2816 3072
Base Clock (MHz) 1000 1000
Boost Clock (MHz) 1075 1075
Texture Fill Rate 176 192
Memory Clock (MHz) 7000 7000
Standard Memory Config. 6GB 12GB
Memory Interface GDDR5 GDDR5
Memory Interface Width 384-bit 384-bit

As you can see from the table above, the key differences between the two are that the 980 Ti has a slightly detuned GM200 core with fewer CUDA cores available and only carries half of the VRAM of its bigger brother. Nonetheless, the GTX 980 Ti looks to be a very strong contender for those wanting Titan X performance at a much more affordable price in order to breeze through 4K gaming. At a suggested retail price of $649, the GTX 980 Ti is definitely a much easier pill to swallow compared to the Titan X’s current suggested retail price of $999.

As an added benefit over the Titan X, the GTX 980 Ti will also be available with aftermarket coolers and other tweaks from NVIDIA’s hardware partners, allowing for cards that feature different aesthetics and performance capabilities.

It certainly looks like Team Green is attempting to maintain a healthy lead over rival AMD which is expected to be announcing its new flagship along with a refreshed lineup of video cards at its own E3 press conference on June 16th. We’ll be keeping an eye out for the latest updates! For any questions regarding video cards or general questions about computer hardware, feel free to contact us or stop by any of our 9 retail locations throughout Texas.