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Pre-Owned COMPAQ 9000 42U Universal Racks

We've received a large shipment of pre-owned Compaq 9000 42U Universal Racks and we're ready to get them out to those of you looking for a nice server rack at a very reasonable cost (while supplies last). Although we don't currently have a delivery option available for online orders due to shipping constraints, every single one of our 9 Texas locations has racks on-site, ready to be purchased. All racks are sold open-sided, with options to purchase a left or right side-enclosed unit while supplies last. Generous quantity discounts are available! Inquire in-store or contact us for details.

Compaq sets the standard for performance and value in the enterprise with the Compaq Rack 9000 Series family of rack cabinets. Delivering maximum storage density in an architecture designed to save valuable real estate, this enterprise-class rack cabinet system combines next-generation structural integrity and ease of use capabilities to deliver industry-leading performance. Unique column and rail design minimizes the time necessary to install products into the Compaq 9000 Series Rack Cabinet. Compaq ProLiant, Alpha and Tandem servers, workstations, networking, and StorageWorks products are easily managed with our seamless enterprise integration process into the 9000 Series rack cabinets. Compaq 9000 Series racks can also be used with many other non-Compaq products.

The Compaq Rack 9000 series offers protection, price, performance, and quality. Compaq delivers premium racks that make it easy to centralize, protect, organize, and access your hardware for servicing and upgrading. The charts below offer some additional images of the Compaq 9000 as well as some main features and specifications.

Front Open Door Back
COMPAQ 9000 Features
Sturdy Steel Construction A fully welded steel frame and heavier weight deliver ultimate rigidity and stability. These sturdy, industrial-strength rack models assure that you can not only rack-mount today's heaviest components, but also heavier components of tomorrow.
Unique Frame and Rail Design Equipment installation effort is dramatically reduced due to the vertical mounting platform. This enables fast assembly, easy mounting, and outstanding structural integrity.
Flexibility and Functionality The front and rear doors are reversible, and can be mounted for left or right access to support strategic or personal preference. This features also enables full back door accessibility. Outstanding cable management features also simplify the development of effective and easy to maintain configurations.
Maximum Performance in Coupled Environments The Rack 9000 series has a sophisticated mechanism that uses rails and bolts to maximize stability in coupled configurations and dust striping to keep your equipment clean.
COMPAQ 9000 Specifications
Available U Spaces 42U
Rack Hole Type Square Rack Holes
Power Distribution Unit Dual 12-Outlet Compaq PDU's Included (while supplies last)
(Input/Output: 50/60Hz, 100-127VAC, 24A Max.)
Rack Color Opal
Dimensions 78.7" x 35.8" x 23.7" / 2,000 x 909 x 603 mm
Weight 253 lbs / 114.84 kg