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Item #: SABER-8320
UPC: 689466486681
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The SABER-8320 is an Altex-assembled motherboard/processor combo, featuring the ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 motherboard with the AMD FX8320 Octa-Core 8C 3.50GHz processor.

Why buy a motherboard/processor combo versus the two items individually?

Bundle & Save! Purchasing an Altex Motherboard Combo is more cost effective than buying the parts separately. Plus, all Altex Motherboard Combos are assembled by qualified technicians. Because of this, you can be sure that the delicate process of installing the processor, applying the heatsink compound and connecting the air cooling system was performed carefully and correctly. Thanks to Altex, there's no need to attempt this installation yourself as a qualified technician has already done it for you.

ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 Motherboard:
The SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 is a part of the next generation of motherboards from ASUS. It's an AMD 990FX (AM3+) military-grade motherboard with aerospace-grade CeraM!X Cooling Technology.
  USB BIOS Flashback - Easy, Worry-free USB BIOS Flashback with Hardware-based Design
  TUF Thermal Radar - Real Time Temp. Detection and Heat Removal
  TUF CeraM!X Heatsink Coating Tech. - 50% Larger Area for Heat Dissipation with the Revolutionary Ceramics-coating Technology

New DIGI+ Power Control - All-New Digital Power Control for both CPU and DRAM

  Windows 8 ready
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AMD FX8320 8-Core 3.5GHz Processor:
The FD8320FRHKBOX from AMD is a part of the FX 8-Core Black Edition of AMD's processors. This specific processor gives users a great platform for watching rich, crisp HD videos as well as the ability to run multiple compute-intensive applications seamlessly. The FX-8320 offers a wide range of multitasking with the ability to chat, watch movies, play games, and much more.
  Processor Type: AMD FX 8-Core Black Edition
  Model: FX-8320
  Socket Type: AMD3+
  Power Wattage: 125
  Frequency: 3500
  Processor Bus Speed: Not Specified
  Processor L2 Cache Size: 1024
  CMOS: 32nm SOI
  GPU Clock Speed: Not Specified
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